The 6 Best Portable Blenders (for Personal Use) of 2021

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In this hustling modern world, a small and portable blender is a must-have for any super busy health enthusiasts, who want their  superfood smoothie or a protein shake on the go  – at work, on travel, and anywhere.

Having a battery-operated, personal blender is a great way to get all the energy-boosting nutrients you need for the day (and even the occasional margarita) – ready in minutes, on the spot.


👉 How do you find the best cordless blender from the dozens available on the market?

In this post, you’ll find reviews for the best portable blender bottles for personal use and travel, their unique uses, and their pros & cons – to help you make a quick and wise decision.

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What is a Portable Blender Used For? 

Portable blenders are  small, cordless, battery operated blenders for personal use , designed to make your smoothies, protein shakes, and even your margaritas – on the go. You can also use a battery-operated blender to chop, mix, whip, grind and blend small quantities of food.

The best portable blenders do not only perform just as well as full-size home blenders, but they also offer some innovative elements and features that, in many cases, make them even better.

How’s that?

Well, here are the unique benefits of portable blenders:

Portable Blender Benefits

1. Simple to Operate

Rechargeable blenders are convenient and very easy to use, and the best ones come with accessories that are easy to detach and clean.

They are all lightweight and small, without any tangled cords around them.

2. Time-saving

As long as you charge a personal blender in advance, you can make your favorite smoothie anywhere you are – in your car, on the way to work, when you are hiking, or at the airport – in just a few minutes.

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Since portable blenders are smaller, the blender speed is slower, but this won’t matter since you won’t need it for “heavy-duty” work and large quantities, so it will not take long to make a smoothie.

Now that you know why you should get a cordless blender, here are the top 6 portable blenders right now.

Every product has unique features and its pros and cons.

The 6 Best Portable Blenders (Reviews & Comparison)

Here are the results of our 15-hour research:

 Bottom LineCapacityPrice
Blendjet One
Best USB Portable Blender12 oz$39 at Urban Outfitters
Popbabies USB
Portable Blender

Most Quiet14 ozCheck Price on Amazon
Hamilton Beach
🥇Best Value14 oz$24 on HSN

2 bottles
Most versatile
32 oz/24 oz$79 at Home Depot
Ninja Fit
2 bottles
Best for travel
16 oz$49 at Home Depot
Tenswall Small

Best for office13 ozCheck Price on Amazon

1. Blendjet One Personal Blender Best USB Blender Bottle

belndjet one portable blender review
Blendjet One Personal Blender – best price HERE

The Blendjet portable blender blends  8-12 beverages per charge  (which takes 2.5 hours), and the 6 stainless steel blades are so powerful that it can crush ice.

The strong 5V motor won’t overheat thanks to the built-in safety feature that keeps it from heating, and it comes with a strainer that filters out the extra pulp, and a convenient carrying strap.

Dimensions: 3.3”l x 2.9”w x 9.3”h

Weight: 1.19 lbs

Blendjet One Pros

  • Can blend frozen fruit and big chunks well
  • Safe to use – safety features that prevent overheating and using the blades until the bottle is connected to its base
  • BPA free
  • Compact and lightweight

Price – best price is at Urban Outfitters!


  • The motor lacks some power
  • The container is relatively small which limits what you can make

2. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender  Best Value

hamilton beach personal blender review
Hamilton Beach personal blender –  best price on HSN 

The Hamilton Beach portable blender operates with a  simple one-touch button  and makes it easy to blend shakes, smoothies, marinades, salad dressing, and baby formula – on the go.

It serves as a stationary blending jar in blending mode, and a detachable travel mug with a lid  – that lets you drink straight from the jar, and fits in most car cup holders.

The 175 motor and the stainless steel blades have ice-crushing power and the travel lid allows you to “blend and run” – where you are.

The BPA-free jar and lid are dishwasher safe.

👉 Hamilton Beach Pros

  • Stainless steel blades for smooth crushing (ice too)
  • Easy to operate – one button for start and end
  • Great as a stationary blender and a travel blender as well – detachable and simply built
  • Tightly sealed that reduces chances of leakage to almost zero

✅ Best price on HSN


  • Does not work well with hot drinks
  • Blades sometimes miss chunks of fruits

3. PopBabies USB Portable Blender Most Quiet 

popbabies usb portable blender review
Popbabies USB portable blender – best price on Amazon

This unique, mini smoothie maker is a  detachable camping battery operated blender  that is versatile and convenient to use.

It is one of the smallest models by PopBabies and comes with either a 17oz or 14oz bottle and is powerful enough to blend ice along with the pieces of frozen fruits for your smoothies.

portable blender bottle popbabies

Unlike other portable blenders, this can also work while charging.

The cup is made with toxin-free food-grade material and is dishwasher safe, and the plug fits all countries.

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PopBabies Pros

  • Quiet
  • Great for travel – easy to pack, compact, plug fits all countries
  • Crushed ice and nuts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Makes very little mess
  • Comes with a free funnel

PopBabies Cost – Check price on Amazon


  • You may need to slice your fruits into small pieces before putting them into the blender

👉 A similar model by PopBabies is the P1001W portable blender.

This one comes with a bigger battery of 5200mAh and can go as much as 25 blends in one charge.

PopBabies P1001W portable blender

It can also blend the hardest nuts in 15-20 seconds.

4. Nutribullet Champagne Jar Blender (32 oz) – with Travel Cup

nutribullet champagne blender bottle review
NutriBullet large capacity blender with travel cups – best price on Home Depot

This Nutribullet model is the best selling portable blender on Home Depot and for good reasons.

Its compact size 9-peace portable blender is easy to assemble and makes it a top-notch choice for home use and on the go.

The 9 pieces include a power base, 32 oz. colossal cup, 24 oz. tall cup, flip-top to-go lid, handled lid ring, and non-handled lid ring.

The 900-watt motor easily handles all your shakes, smoothies, sauces, and purees, and can be used for grinding, mixing, and stirring.

A hard copy recipe book is included, shipping is free and fast, and you’ll love the design and relaxing champagne color.

👉 Nutribullet blender pros

  • Versatile and feature-packed
  • You can choose from the 3-cups according to your needs. Choose the best size for the gym, office, or outdoor.
  • Powerful base
  • Larger capacity
  • Lasts for years with no malfunctions

Best price on Home Depot


  • A bit heavy (weight about 8 pounds)

 5. Ninja Fit Personal Blender  Best for Travel 

ninja fit personal blender review
Ninja Fit Personal Blender – best price on Home Depot

This small and lightweight personal blender bottle comes with 2 cups, 2 sip-and-seal lids, and a recipe guide with 50 healthy smoothies ideas.

The special lid allows you to push the food down for another blend, and also functions as a sip and seal lid.

The cyclon push technology enables the blades to grind and pulverize whole fruits and vegetables – without losing any nutritional value, and the 700-watt motor is strong enough to crush ice.

👉 Ninja Fit pros

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Durable and fast blending
  • Good size and weight
  • Looks great and stylish modern design
  • Blends frozen foods well

Check today’s price on Home Depot

  • Hard to find replacement cups

6. Tenswall Portable, Personal Blender Best for Office

tenswall poratble small blender battery operated review
Tenswall Rechargeable blender – best price on Amazon

The Tenswall small yet mighty 4-blade portable blender comes with a battery that lasts for  15 shakes or smoothies in one charge , and a smart safety system (magnetic sensing switch).

Its small size makes it a great fit for travel.

The self-cleaning mode allows you to easily wash the blender without leaving any dead corners.

This USB juicer bottle comes with a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by a power bank, computer, laptop, mobile phone, or any USB device.

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TensWall Blender Pros

  • Fair price
  • Very safe to use and take for travel
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Very high user reviews on Amazon
  • Food grade/non-toxic material
  • Sharp blades
  • comes with 50 recipes

Check today’s price on Amazon


  • Some users claim it’s too small

How to Use a Portable Blender

Here are a few tips to know before you use a portable blender bottle:

  • Break the ice into smaller pieces.
  • Start with the liquids, then add the rest.
  • Clean and dry the blender after each use.
  • Do not microwave the blender, it’s not made to use in the microwave.

Portable Blender FAQ

What is a portable blender?
A portable blender is a cordless blender that usually works on batteries; the batteries could either be rechargeable or replaceable.
How do you clean a portable blender?
Most portable blenders are dishwasher safe. All you need to do is detach the parts and let the dishwasher do its work. In case your product is not dishwasher-safe, you separate the detachable parts and soak them in water with a little bit of dish-soap. This way the stains will easily come off with a single wipe.
Are a blender and a food processor the same?
Although both consist of blades that spin at very high speeds, they are a little different. A blender is commonly used to make liquid products like smoothies and shakes. On the other hand, a food processor is used for tasks like cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables or mixing dough.

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