Ninja Professional XL Food Processor: Is Bigger Better?

ninja extra large food processor review and trial

Quick Summary

The Ninja Professional XL Food Processor will slice, chop, grate, blend, and process food evenly and accurately, and can handle dry mixture without the dual blade system snagging – while saving you a lot of time.

However, one thing it won’t save you is space: on your counter, on your dish rack, and in your cabinets. And, cleaning it manually is not the easiest task (luckily it’s dishwasher-safe).

We tried chopping, and thin slicing with it, and tested how it performs, and how long it takes to clean.

Keep reading to find our results, including the Ninja Professional Food Processor’s pros and cons.

What You Get

ninja pro food processor parts

The Ninja XL Food Processor has a large, 3-liter (12 cups) bowl– perfect for families and gatherings – and a large, 3-part feed chute that allows for several larger vegetables or fruits inside – which is amazing.

It is powered by a 1200-peak-watt motor, 4 auto-programs with pulsing and pausing patterns (Chop, Puree, Dough, Disc), and includes 2 blades for thick to paper-thin slicing.

It’s the only Ninja model with a separate storage box for the blades and disc attachments, so they won’t get lost in your cabinet.

All parts except for the base are dishwasher safe, which is good because it could take a while to wash everything by hand.

  • Size – 8.7″D x 10.7″W x 17.5″H
  • Weight – 12.3 pounds
  • Capacity – 12 cups
  • Motor – 1200W (at peek)
  • Price – $170 on Amazon

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Ninja Professional XL Food Processor Trial and Review

we tried the ninja extra large professional food processor

The first we tried in our new food processor (bought for $170 on Amazon) was chopping.

We could easily squeeze 5 whole bunches of fresh greens into it (spring onions, parsley, coriander, dill, and mint).

We turned on the chopping program and were happy to see a powerful chopping function that cut the greens to shreds.

We were most impressed by the lack of fluids: the chopping action has almost created a powder out of the herbs – but without fluids.

When we tried to grate some zucchini for zucchini patties, we were able to insert each one in its whole, thanks to the large feed chute – and the result was finely grated zucchini.

We got the same results with the other vegetables we grated.

However, when we tried to grate some cheese, we got a few small chunks of cheese stuck to the blades, which made the cleaning a bit harder. That’s why we won’t hurry and get rid of our loyal grater.

But still, we got good results with cheese as well (mainly parmesan).

And now for the function we most wanted to try – the precise slicing.

We could easily slice fennel almost as thin as hair, and our potatoes to 1-inch slices for gratin.

Unlike the older Ninja model we had, with this one, you can choose the thickness of the slices, and along with the larger feed chute, it’s a great upgrade.

It means you can slice more medium to large vegetables and save a lot of time.

It’s also less hazardous than using our mandoline. Note that it’s highly important to lock the blade when you finish slicing, to avoid injuries.

What We Liked (and Didn’t Like)

For a mid-range reasonable price (compared with other popular brands), the Ninja Professional XL is a high-quality and accurate food processor that does a great job with slicing, chopping, grating, blending, pureeing, one-touch doughing, and more.

It is easy to use, user user-friendly, cleaning is not too hard (especially if you put it in your dishwasher), and if you don’t have a storage problem – you just found a great new friend to save you a lot of time and effort in your kitchen.


  • Easy to use, user-friendly, no learning curve
  • Dual blade for precise function, blends food fast and easily
  • Performs well in shredding, slicing, chopping, and mixing tasks
  • The bowl fits easily onto the base, and locking it in quickly becomes intuitive.
  • The lid features a rubber gasket that creates a secure feel, preventing leaks and minimizing slippage and noise
  • Components are dishwasher safe – no need for hand cleaning
  • It comes with a separate storage box for the blades
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble


  • A bit of a hassle to clean manually
  • Not optimal for grating cheese
  • Not the quietest food processor on the market
  • May struggle with hard/sticky ingredients (like chocolate chips)
  • Large and takes up counter space or cabinet space

Ninja Professional XL food processor vs. Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor

ninja pro xl food processor vs ninja 3 in 1 food processor

Compared with the Pro XL model, the Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor is a multifunctional appliance that serves as a full-size blender, a personal blender, and a food processor. It also has a powerful 1200W motor and comes with interchangeable blades and attachments for chopping, mixing, pureeing, slicing, and blending.

The Ninja Professional XL is suitable for those who need a high-capacity, heavy-duty food processor, while the Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor is best for people looking for a multifunctional appliance that saves space and offers a variety of food preparation options.

For chopping and shredding, The Ninja Professional is better. It will also handle tough ingredients and thoroughly mix doughs and batters better.

Chop chop, it’s time for dinner 😉😊

The KM Team

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