The 6 Best Teflon-Free Waffle Makers (2024)

best teflon free waffle makers

A waffle maker is becoming one of the most used gadgets in kitchens around the world.

However, most waffle makers are made with Teflon coating, which is something we don’t want in our food, environment, and taste buds.

In this post, you’ll find the 6 best true Teflon-free waffle makers – all of them are cat iron or ceramic waffle makers, with no PFAS.

(We prefer ice cream on our waffles, instead of toxic fumes).

The good news?

PFOA & PTFE-free waffle makers do exist, though they are hard to find.

(PFOA-free is not the same as Teflon-free – more on that below).

Through our research, only ceramic or cast iron waffle makers are completely absent of Teflon (PFAS chemicals).

👉 PFOA-Free is a marketing trick to make you think the waffle maker is Teflon-free. Instead, it contains other PFAS. More on that is below.

In a Hurry? See our top 4 picks compared, or jump to our Teflon-free waffle makers reviews.

Waffle MakerReviewCoatingPrice
GreenPan Premiere Ceramic Waffle Maker
green pan 3-in-1 ceramic waffle maker
Best Belgian & Classic Combo
4 sqaure waffles
Diamond-Infused Ceramic Nonstick$215 on Amazon
2-year warranty
Calphalon Intellicrisp
calphalon intelicrisp waffle maker
Best Belgian
2 square waffles
Nonstick ceramic coating$150 on Amazon
Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker
hamilton beach nontoxic ceramic waffle maker
Best Rotating
1 round waffle (6.5")
Copper-Ceramic coating$59 at Hamilton Beach
1-year warranty
Oster DuraCeramic Waffle Maker
oster vertical waffel maker
Best Vertical
1 round waffle (7")
Titanium-Infused Ceramic coating$44 on Amazon

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Health Benefits of Teflon-Free Waffle Makers

Who doesn’t love a good non-stick surface, right?

You put your batter in, close it up, and voila! Perfectly formed waffles every time. But that’s not the whole story, unfortunately.

Most nonstick waffle makers contain Teflon, which contains hazardous chemicals such as PFOA and other PFAS.

According to studies, PFAS are toxic and their effect includes nerve damage, reproductive damage, immune system damage, and cardiovascular toxicity.

According to the EPA, PFAS builds up in your body and stays there for ten years or more.

When Teflon-coated products reach the end of their life and are disposed of in landfills, the Teflon coating can release PFAS into the environment. These chemicals can also be released into the environment during the manufacturing process.

Waffles require 350-375 degrees F to cook. When you exceed these temperatures and reach 460 F, PFAS chemicals start breaking down, and you begin breathing these toxic fumes, which are also known as harmful to birds.
👉 We also chose a Teflon Free Air Fryer for our kitchen, and PFOA & PTFE-free cookware.
Unfortunately, Teflon is still being used inside the nonstick coating of many cookware items, ovens, air fryers, and more.

Why Is Teflon Still Being Used Inside Cookware and Kitchen Appliances?

In 2010, the EPA demanded manufacturers stop using Teflon-containing PFOA.

Did that solve the problem?

No, because these companies replaced PFOA with any other PFOA alternative (there are 4200 of them), mainly GexX and PFBS – which are still PFAS chemicals, found to cause damage to the kidneys, the blood, the liver, and more.

Then they labeled their products as PFOA-free, and now most people believe that PFOA-free means toxin-free and Teflon-free.

A true Teflon-free waffle maker is labeled as PFOA and PTFE-free.

The 6 Best Teflon-Free Waffle Makers (Ceramic/Cast Iron)

True non-Teflon waffle makers exist, although they are hard to find.

Below you’ll find the 6 best waffle makers without PTFE and PFOA in sight, to make the healthiest version of homemade waffles – smelling heavenly on a Sunday morning.

Plus, these waffle makers are eco-friendly, so you’ll contribute to making the environment cleaner and safer for people and animals.

1. Best Classic & Belgian Combo – GreenPan Ceramic Waffle Maker 

ceramic classic and belgian waffle maker

  • Size – 12.6″ x 8.6″
  • Waffle count – 4
  • Cooking time – 4-6 minutes (depending on level)

😍 Pros – combined classic and Belgian waffle maker, comes with a good recipe book, toxin-free and manufactured in an eco-friendly way, removable dishwasher-safe plates

😣 Cons – more expensive than average

$252 with code EARTH30 at GreenPan (free shipping) / $215 on Amazon

The GreenPan Ceramic Waffle Maker is a 4-square classic/Belgian waffle maker, with removable plates you can pop in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

You can go for classic waffles or Belgian waffles (or both) and you’ll have no PFAS, PFOS, lead, or cadmium leaching from the Thermolon Volt coating, which is a diamond-infused ceramic nonstick material.

Plus, GreenPan uses recycled materials and solar power to manufacture this kitchen gadget.

This waffle maker allows you to adjust the shade (light or darker, just like a toast), and the crunch level you or your guests prefer – with the great LED display.

Greenpan ceramic waffle maker review

The coating is truly nonstick and waffles come right off, you won’t need any cooking spray since it’s completely nonstick.

We love that you can just remove the plate and put it in the dishwasher.

Available at GreenPan ($252 with code EARTH30) and Amazon ($215)

👉 You can also consider the lower-cost and smaller model, which is the same, only it makes 2 waffles at a time, and only Belgian waffles:

best ceramic waffle maker with removable plates
GreenPan Ceramic Belgian Waffle Maker – view on Amazon

Did you know?

Non-toxic waffle makers produce better-tasting waffles because those harmful fumes also affect the taste.

They have a longer lifespan (less likely to wear out or break down), and they are easy to clean – being dishwasher safe.

2. Best Belgian – Calphalon Intellicrisp 

toxin free belgian wafflw maker

  • Size – 11″ x 6″
  • Waffle count – 2 (4″x5″ each)
  • Cooking time – two 4”×5” waffles every 4-5 minutes

😍 Pros – has locks for vertical storage, no Teflon, lead, or cadmium, 5 waffle texture options, the timer beeps at the end of cooking

😣 Cons – plates are not removable

$150 on Amazon

The two square Calphalon Utellicrisp waffle plates are made from Teflon-free ceramic coating, which is highly durable and nontoxic (if you don’t scratch it with metal utensils).

The easy-to-use LCD display offers 5 different texture settings – from soft and fluffy to dark and crispy, while the countdown timer lets you track the cooking process.

When the waffles are done – you’ll hear a beep – so you don’t have to constantly track the cooking process.

calphalon waffle maker review

The plates are not removable, but since it’s completely nonstick, you’ll only need a damp cloth to clean them.

Available on Amazon ($150) and Walmart ($221)

3. Best RotatingHamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker 

best rotating belgian waffle maker

  • Size – 15” x 10” x 9”
  • Waffle count – 1 (6.5″)
  • Cooking time – 5-6 minutes

😍 Pros – the extra thick grids make deep Belgian waffles, removable plates for easy cleaning, rotating flip feature for even cooking, cool touch handle

😣 Cons – no audible beep so you’ll have to watch for the light to turn green

$59 at Hamilton Beach

For about $60, the Hamilton Beach Belgian waffle maker is probably the best Teflon-free waffle maker for the money on this list.

It has a unique copper-ceramic coating which is toxin-free and completely nonstick while heating up faster and more evenly.

The plates are removable and dishwasher safe, and there’s also a removable drip tray.

The great rotating flip feature makes evenly-cooked Belgian waffles with no risk of soggy, half-cooked coming out when the indicator light turns on to tell you they are ready.

hamilton beach ceramic copper blegian waffle maker review

This one also has a turn dial to help you choose the crispiness level of the round 6.5-inch and 1-inch deep waffle – to have it ready in 5-6 minutes.

Available at Hamilton Beach ($59) and on Amazon ($59)

4. Best Cast Iron – Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron

best cast iron waffle maker

  • Size – 7″D x 10″W x 1″H
  • Waffle count – 1 (6.8″)

😍 Pros – no electricity required, toxin-free, durable and lasts for years, great for camping

😣 Cons – needs regular seasoning and gentle cleaning only, short handle

$42 on Amazon


The Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Maker is the only cast iron waffle maker on this list and is quite different than the others on this list. But, we had to include it for several reasons:

It’s made out of 100% cast iron (100% toxin-free) which is naturally nonstick with its seasoning layer and gets even more nonstick with time.

The highly durable cast iron plates make a great classic round waffle (6.5”– time varies) and are best used on a stovetop or a two-burner stove when you go camping.

It has a secure hinge system that connects both sides of the pan, and basically, all you need is heat – no electricity is required.

Here’s how to use cast iron waffle plates:

On the flip side, it does take some trial and error until you learn how to make perfect fluffy waffles, and cast iron needs proper cleaning and seasoning.

If you buy it, make sure to clean the protective wax layer before you use it.

rome industries cast iron waffle maker review

Available on Amazon ($42)

5. Best Vertical – Oster DuraCeramic Waffle Maker

best vertical waffle maker teflon free

  • Size – 6″D x 12.5″W x 13.5″H
  • Waffle count – 1 (7″)
  • Cooking time – 3-6 minutes

$44 on Amazon

The Oster Titanium-Infused Waffle Maker is made with ceramic coating with infused Titanium inside – to make it 8 times more durable than Teflon – without any toxins.

The vertical design, the pre-measured batter cup, and the top funnel allow for maximum precision and minimum mess – the batter is completely locked in and evenly spread on the plates – for perfect crispy outside and fluffy inside waffles.

Fill the batter cup, pour, bake, and enjoy – with no mess.

oster ceramic waffle maker review
Our results


  • Vertical design saves space and spreads the batter evenly
  • Cooks fast and heats up quickly
  • Precise batter cup for the exact amount of batter for no-mess waffles
  • Wide top funnel


  • No beep when ready, plates are not removable

Available on Amazon ($44)

How We Chose a Nontoxic Waffle Maker

Once you’ve made sure the waffle maker is PTFE & PFOA free, choose from the following features the ones that are most important to you:

  • Rotating flip – contributes to even heat distribution
  • Adjustable temperature control – to adjust the level of crispiness and shade (light to dark)
  • Cooking indicators – the best waffle makers indicate the waffles are ready with a beep
  • Removable plates – plates you can easily remove and put in the dishwasher
  • Vertical storage – for saving cabinet and counter space
  • Multi-Waffle Surface – Some waffle makers have cooking irons for both classic and Belgian waffles

Can You Use Cooking Spray on the Waffle Maker Iron?

If you have a nonstick waffle maker, cooking spray is not necessary and can damage the nonstick surface while creating a tacky surface that makes the cooking iron useless.

If your waffles stick, brush some lightly over the plate instead. Cast iron waffle irons need regular seasoning.

How Long Do Ceramic Waffle Makers Take to Heat Up?

Most ceramic waffle makers take 2-5 minutes to heat up. We recommend letting it preheat all the way because waffles tend to stick when the waffle iron is not hot enough.

Most waffle makers have an indicator light that turns from red to green once the pre-heating is done.

How Do You Clean a Ceramic Waffle Maker?  

In most cases, ceramic waffle iron plates are completely nonstick and only require 2-3 quick wiping motions.

High-end waffle makers (such as the GreenPan Ceramic Waffle Maker) have removable plates that are dishwasher safe and make cleaning a breeze.

Otherwise, you can wash a ceramic waffle maker just like you wash a regular one.

Wait for the plates to cool down and use a dish towel or a sponge to gently scrub the plate with a few drops of dish soap. Rinse and dry with a clean towel.

Happy breakfast!

The KM Team


Zhuotong Zeng, Biao Song, et al. Assessing the human health risks of perfluorooctane sulfonate by in vivo and in vitro studies, Environment International, Volume 126, 2019

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  1. 10/23/23 In my search for a non toxic waffle maker, I was recently emailed from an OSTER Co Rep, advising they are currently using FDA “approved” PTFE in their non stick coating – which is in contradiction to many descriptions concerning thier product. BUYER BEWARE.

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