Le Creuset Pan vs. Caraway Frying Pan (2021 Reviews)

When it comes to cookware, there’s nothing more essential than a good nonstick frying pan.

We wanted to compare Le Creuset with the newer, direct-to-consumer Caraway cookware brand (which seems to rise in popularity every day), and focus on both these brands’ nonstick fry pans.

le creuset vs caraway

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Over the last century, Le Creuset has become one of the most recognized and respected cookware brands in the world, with its durable, beautiful, and versatile cookware.

However, they are also well known for their above-average price tags.

Is the Caraway fry pan just as good as Le Creuset frying pan – for less money?

Le Creuset Pan vs. Caraway Frying Pan – Which is Better?

Both brands have beautifully designed fry pans, while the Le Creuset offers a classic, timeless design, and the Caraway offers stunning pastel colors and gorgeous handles.

Though the Le Creuset is slightly better at searing and browning, the Caraway can withstand higher oven temperatures.

Both brands include PFOA-free and non-toxic materials, and excellent nonstick qualities. Though Le Creuset fry pan price is higher, it comes with a longer trial period and lifetime warranty.

Overall it seems that the Le Creuset nonstick pan is slightly better-performing, and we can’t forget their excellent reputation. On the other hand, the Caraway fry pan is definitely closing in and has a gorgeous design we can’t resist.
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Caraway vs. Le Creuset Full Reviews

Le Creuset is a French brand manufacturing durable and some of the best-designed cookware since 1925.

Their timeless Dutch Oven was the first colorful cookware and is now considered iconic, but they also offer high-quality enameled cast iron, stoneware, non-stick, and much more.

In 2021, one of their most popular collections is the Toughened Nonstick Pro collection, which includes pots and pans up to four times stronger than the average cookware.

le creuset nonstick pro cookware reviews
$400 at Le Creuset

Here, we are going to focus on their Toughened Nonstick Fry Pan – with sizes available from 8” to 12” inches.

Caraway is one of the popular new kids on the block, giving Le Creuset a run for its money, and gaining recognition from trusted consumer review sites online.

Founded in 2018 by CEO Jordan Nathan, New York-based Caraway is a direct-to-consumer cookware startup, offering eco-friendly ceramic cookware, selling exclusively on their site (which enables them to cut prices).

caraway sage cookware set
Caraway sage cookware set – $395 at Caraway

We’ll take a closer look at the Caraway fry pan, and compare it with Le Creuset’s toughened nonstick frying pan.


The Le Creuset fry pan is made of forged hard-anodized (and dish-washer safe!) aluminum that enhances its strength and durability, while ensuring quick and even heating.

You just have to look at the width of the gage to see how substantial the pro pan is and how it will last for years.

Le Creuset toughened nonstick pan review
$100 – $135 at Le Creuset

The plate at the bottom makes them induction cooktop safe, gas, electric, and oven safe (up to 500°F).

The textured triple-reinforced PFOA-free coating will not chip or flake, it is completely flat and is ideal for browning and searing – with or without oil – and is super-easy to clean. You can even use metal utensils with this one.

The hollow handles remain cool on the stovetop, however, they will become hot when used in the oven.

In comparison, the Caraway fry pan is made from an aluminum core coated with its proprietary, mineral-based non-stick ceramic enamel (Teflon-free and toxin-free) and a stainless steel plate at the bottom for induction cooking.

caraway fry pan review
$95 at Caraway

Their pots and pans are lightweight, truly nonstick, compatible with gas, electric, and induction stovetops, oven-safe to 650 degrees (compared with 500 degrees for the Le Creuset), and they simply look gorgeous.

The interior is smooth to the touch and has a noticeable soft glow to it that adds to its appeal.

The light gray coating makes it easy to see how the cooking is progressing. However, we wouldn’t use metal utensils with this pan.

Design & Versatility

Both frying pans are safe for gas, induction cooktop, electric cooktops, and oven-safe up to 500 F (Le Creuset) and 650 F (Caraway).

The Le Creuset Pan features its classic and chic design, with a matte black finish and a stainless steel handle. It also has the Le Creuset logo imprinted on the handle.

Caraway offers pots and pans in gorgeous colors and silhouettes. We feel the design is so gorgeous it actually calls you to use them, and cook more.

The frying pan is available in 5 unique colors – Cream, Grey, Perracotta (pink terracotta), Sage, and Navy. You can also purchase a magnetic rack or a canvas holder for the lid and pan –  when you buy the entire cookware set.

While both frying pans are perfect for searing and browning, users have claimed that the Le Creuset is better at browning and creating that crust we all love.

And what about oven safety?

While both are oven-safe, Le Creuset is oven-safe only up to 500 F, while the Caraway is oven-safe up to 650 F.

Where Are the Pans Made?

All Caraway cookware is made in world-class factories based in China and India, all of which maintain the required standards for BSCI or SMETA.

In the past 90 years, all Le Creuset cookware is made in France – about 100 miles north of Paris.

Price & Warranty

Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick Pro Fry Pan
$100 - $135 at Le Creuset
Free shipping in the US
90-day trial
Lifetime Warranty
Caraway Fry Pan
$95 at Caraway
Free shipping in the US
30-day trial

The Caraway 10.5″ fry pan costs $95 with free shipping and returns, and you get a 30-day trial. If you are not satisfied with the pan, you can send it back (in its original packaging) and get a full refund.

However, Caraway reserves the right to charge a 15% restocking fee if the pan is damaged and components are missing.

The Le Creuset nonstick pan comes in 5 sizes (8″ -12″) and is priced between $100 – $135 accordingly. Compared to the Caraway 10″ pan, the Le Creuset 10″ pan costs $115, with free shipping, a 90-day trial period, and a lifetime warranty.

So basically, you get a much longer trial period with Le Creuset, and a lifetime warranty (for defects in material and workmanship).

And, if you add about $85, you can purchase the Le Creuset 3-piece toughened nonstick pro set, which includes the 10″ Toughened Nonstick PRO fry pan and 4 1/4 qt. Toughened Nonstick sauté pan with glass lid.

Le Creuset 3 piece nonstick set
The Le Creuset 3-piece Nonstick Pro Set – $200 at Le Creuset

In comparison, the Caraway cookware set ($395) includes the 10″ fry pan, the 3qts saucepan, the 4.5 qt sauté pan, and the 6.5 qt Dutch oven – in 5 beautiful colors and designs.

caraway cooking set
Caraway 6-piece cooking set – $395 at Caraway

Le Creuset Nonstick Pan & Caraway Fry Pan Pros & Cons

 Le Creuset
ProsLe Creuset
* High quality & durable
* 90-day trial & lifetime warranty
* Reputable company
* Better at browning and searing
* Heats evenly
* 5 sizes to choose from
* Not made in China
* Compatible with all cooktops
* Oven safe up to 550 degrees
* Non-toxic coating is safe
* No need for oil, everything glides off easily
* Heats fast and evenly
* Tall edges prevent spills
* Oven safe up to 650 degrees
* Compatible with all cooktops
* Simple cleanup
* Price is lower than the Le Creuset
ConsLe Creuset
* Pricier than the Caraway - check today's price
* The pan may turn sticky after about a year
* The slippery surface may not allow for deep browning
* Restocking fee applies if you return the pan damaged

Nonstick Fry Pan Alternatives

We’ve also researched and reviewed other popular nonstick frying pans – such as the Ozeri Stone Earth and Ceramic Earth frying pans.

ozeri frying pans reviews

See how they compare to Le Creuset and Caraway – in cooking performance and price!


What Utensils Can I Use With Caraway and Le Creuset Fry Pans?

For both Le Creuset and Caraway, we recommend only using silicone (or nylon) and wooden utensils. Other utensils, especially metal with sharp edges, can damage the frying pans. However, the Le Creuset manual states that you can use metal utensils when cooking with their nonstick pan.

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Are Le Creuset and Caraway Pans Dishwasher-Safe?

You should only wash the Carway pans by hand. In comparison, Le Creuset is dishwasher safe!

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