The 6 Best Teflon-Free Waffle Makers (2024)

teflon free waffle makers

A waffle maker is becoming one of the most used gadgets in kitchens around the world. However, most waffle makers are made with Teflon coating, which is something we don’t want in our food, environment, and taste buds. In this post, you’ll find the 6 best true Teflon-free waffle makers – all of them are … Read more

The 4 Best USA Made Steak Knives

USA made steak knives

Yes, you can enjoy a steak without a good steak knife, but real meat lovers argue you will be doing it a great disservice.😉 Buying American-made steak knives supports the local economy and encourages American businesses that employ Americans (while helping you cut through that steak like a hot knife through butter). Unfortunately, you won’t … Read more

The 9 Best Kitchen Utensil Sets for Cooking (2024)

best kitchen utensil set

If you’re anything like us, the kitchen is the heart of your home and the utensils are the pulse. But with so many options out there, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of spatulas and whisks. Fear not, because this is exactly what we’re here to solve. The kitchen utensil sets … Read more

The 8 Best Small Microwaves (for Saving Space)

best small microwaves

A small (mini) microwave (0.7-0.9 Cu. Ft.) is a cost-effective choice for any small space, including small kitchens, small apartments, dorms, camping, caravans, offices, vacation homes, and more. A compact microwave quickly heats your meal or beverage while saving a lot more space and electricity than the average microwave oven. We’ve spent 22 hours of research … Read more

College Kitchen Essentials – The Complete List (2024)

student kitchen essentials

What does every college/University student need in their kitchen? In this post, you’ll find the best student kitchen essentials that any college/Uni student will actually use, including cooking essentials, small kitchen appliances, serving, storing, and cleaning. This post may contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. If you or your loved one is … Read more

Ozeri Stone Earth Frying Pans Reviews (& Comparison)

ozeri stone earth frying pans reviews

In this post, you’ll find our Ozeri stone earth frying pan reviews and a comparison with the Ozeri professional series Ceramic Earth frying pan. Stone frying pans can easily withstand higher temperatures without burning off fumes into the air (which could be harmful to you to inhale) and are a much healthier option when compared … Read more